Past Grants
Here are some of the projects that we funded in 2018 and 2019!
  • Funding that supported access to a two-week youth summer musical theater camp for students from third grade through seventh grade;
  • Three document cameras to enable elementary school teachers to more effectively display learning materials and integrate their teaching with other classroom technology;
  • Digital sign tools enabling the district to more reliably communicate with students and staff throughout the school buildings;
  • Kits assisting in introducing students to computer science, through lessons about electronics and programming;
  • Funding enabling Braham’s high school band members to receive individualized lessons from faculty members at the MacPhail College of Music;
  • Enhanced seating options specifically designed to improve the learning environment for fifth and sixth grade special education students;
  • A document camera improving the efficiency of classroom-wide writing instruction for high school English students;
  • A mini-iPad enabling early childhood instructors to more effectively track the progress of Braham’s earliest learners, and communicate that progress to the children’s parents;
  • Funding supporting the purchase of a computer numerical control (CNC) plasma cutter, to assist students in developing technical skills likely to expand career opportunities;
  • Graphing calculators for students in grades eight through twelve, which will enable students to participate more effectively in higher-level math activities;
  • A document camera for the Art Department, to enable more effective instruction on techniques in student art creation;
  • Materials to enable English and reading students to develop communications and media skills through the creation of podcasts; and 
  • Funding expanding the availability of Chromebooks for third-graders, to enhance their ability to perform research and other technology-related tasks in the course of their school work.