What We Do

Building a stronger future for our children and our communities doesn’t just happen. It requires the efforts of many of us, with a wide range of people contributing their talents, their insights, and their will to make a difference. Helping people do the most good in our community is what we will strive for with our grant awards. 

Each year, we will invite organizations to apply for funding through our grant process, and will make awards guided by the following funding priorities:

Expanding opportunities for Braham’s students. The foundation aims to provide educational grants and learning experiences that broaden horizons for local students, from our earliest learners to Bombers transitioning to life after high school.

Strengthening ties between Braham’s schools and community. The foundation works to enhance opportunities for local families to take ownership in the success of our schools, and to include stakeholders throughout our area in the shared mission of educating our children.

To be eligible for funding, an organization must:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, unit of government, or a public school district.
  • Serve the people who live or work in the Braham area.
  • Have a project that fits within our funding priorities.


Grant Guidelines 2021-2022

Using the Online Grant System

Once you’ve confirmed that your project fits within the guidelines, you can use the Initiative Foundation’s online grant system to create an account, complete an eligibility quiz, submit inquiries and proposals, review your application history and submit grant reports.

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