Who We Are

The Braham Area Education Foundation is a Partner Fund of the Initiative Foundation and is led by an advisory board of local volunteers who have made a commitment to strengthen educational opportunities in Braham. Created in 2017, our funding priorities include:

Expanding opportunities for Braham’s students. The foundation aims to provide educational grants and learning experiences that broaden horizons for local students, from our earliest learners to Bombers transitioning to life after high school.

Strengthening ties between Braham’s schools and community
. The foundation works to enhance opportunities for local families to take ownership in the success of our schools, and to include stakeholders throughout our area in the shared mission of educating our children. 



As local volunteers, we know our neighbors, and are invested in the future of our shared community. Our partnership with the Initiative Foundation combines local knowledge and leadership with professional expertise and guidance to identify educational needs, build relationships with donors, and manage our investments in Braham’s future.  Our endowment fund is a charitable investment account in which the principal contributions are never spent; only the earnings provide a flexible, dependable funding stream to support local students. 


Advisory Board Members: 

Chair Tim Nelson
Vice Chair Terry Turnquist
 Secretary Connie Gelle 
Treasurer Kelby Jennisson
Member Carrie Davis
Member Tracy Fix
Member Peter Hesselroth
Member Tammi Johnson
Member Aitor Leniz
Member Marie Meyer
Member Sue Reising
Member Heather Sward
Member Edie Kaunonen
Member Dan Klemz 
Member  Stephanie White 

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Created in 1986, the Initiative Foundation is powering possible to help Central Minnesota people build and sustain thriving communities. The Foundation serves the 14 counties of Central Minnesota, providing nonprofit grants, business loans, leadership training and an array of donor services. We believe that local people have the greatest sum of initiative, knowledge and relationships to achieve a brighter future.

In partnership with the Braham Area Education Foundation, the Initiative Foundation oversees and manages financial contributions for the fund. The Foundation also provides staff support to the advisory board and ensures compliance with legal and professional standards. These services allow volunteer leaders to focus on meeting community needs and enhancing the local quality of life. Because the Initiative Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, contributions to the fund are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.